What is the Best Time to Visit Agra?

Best Time to Visit Agra?

Best time to visit agraAnswer:

Are you planning to visit Agra? Wondering how the weather would be like and so on?

May be you have already decided the month of your visit or may be not, this two minute quick guide is all you need to get started.

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Best Time to visit Agra is between November to March. 

The weather during this time of the period is mostly pleasant. This also happens to be the peak travel season for Agra.

But if you are planning to visit between April – October.  The weather can be very hot, specially between April – June. 

July-September are relatively better, this also happens to be the monsoon season in North India, the weather can get bit humid. August in particular sees the maximum rain.

October is comparatively pleasant,  but it would be mostly warm during the days. However, if you have to choose a month to travel between April – October. It is by far the best month to travel to Agra

A Note on Clothes to Wear:

clothes to wear agra travel

November – February: It is cold during this time, especially early morning and evening, temperature hovers between 1 °C –  30 °C. Carry warm clothes like shawls, jackets, woolen sweaters. During the day, if its sunny a half sweater or jacket would do.

March – June: It is summer season, and can get very hot. It’s better to wear light, bright clothes, the lesser you wear the better, hey not literally! (chuckle)tweet-graphic-4

July – October: Period can be hot and humid. July is the beginning of monsoon, hence better keep umbrella, rain jacket handy. Crocs slippers are best for walking. October is relatively pleasant though.

A Note on Travelling during Fog:


January month can be the foggiest. If you are planning for a same day agra tour  especially by train, be prepared for delays. Even the road journeys can take you one hour more than usual depending on prevailing foggy conditions.

Once you reach Agra, its better to visit Agra Fort and other attractions first and visit Taj Mahal after Noon. Why? Because fog normally clears after 11 am and you would not be able to enjoy the beauty of Taj early morning.  In other months of the year it is best to visit Taj Mahal early morning to avoid crowd, also it looks most beautiful during this time.

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Author : Surojit Ghosh

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