Agra Same Day Tour from Delhi by Car, Bus or Train?

For Agra Same Day Tour to Delhi which Mode of Travel is Best for Me- Car, Bus or Train?

Agra same day tour by car, bus or trainAnswer

The answer to this question depends on the following factors, you should consider  them before making a choice.

  • What is your budget for travel?
  • Personal or Family Preferences?
  • Is tour duration a factor for you?
  • Would you also like to visit Mathura-Vrindavan?
  • Comfort factor?

I promise you by the time you finish, you will have a much better clarity on this important aspect of same day Agra tour and you will make your choice confidently. Let’s start, shall we.

Agra Sightseeing Packages

Let us go through these factors one by one.

What is your budget for travel?

Train: Rs 4000-5000 per person (Enquire Now)
AC Bus: Rs 600 – Rs 1300 per person    (Enquire Now)
Car( 4 seater):   Rs 5500 – Rs 6500 (Enquire Now)
Car (6 seater+): Rs 7000 – Rs 10000+  (Enquire Now)

*Prices prevailing in year 2015. Above rates comprise of to and fro journey.

As you can figure out bus is the cheapest mode of travel, these are AC Volvo bus services.  For reliable bus tour, click here.

If your budget is low, you can choose between train or bus. As far as prices are concerned, the price difference is not much between the two. You  will come to know later on why you should choose train while discussing the other factors mentioned below. Book your train ticket here

If you are a car person and your budget is comparatively high, go ahead and book a comfortable, hassle free car tour. 

Hey! have you made a decision already? Wait.. go through the remaining important factors first. Alright 🙂

Personal Preferences?

A lot depends on your preference. Many of us (including me) just love train journeys, some are more comfortable travelling by bus  and some just can not travel without car.  So ask your self and your family – what is there preference.

Is tour duration a factor for you?

*Time Duration
Train 1 Hr 40 mins
Bus  4.0 Hrs
Car 3 Hrs 30 Mins

* Approximate time, depends on prevailing traffic and weather conditions

Needless to say, train is the fastest. Bhopal Shatabdi Express leaves early morning at 6 am for Agra. Remember, advance booking is mandatory. So book well in advance.

Update: IRCTC launched Gatiman Express – The fastest train ever in India to take you from Delhi to Agra in a matter of 90 minutes!

HOHO Holidays has started the online booking of the Same Day Agra Tour by both Shatabdi Express & Gatiman Express. Know more.

Tweet: Bhopal Shatabdi Express leaves early morning at 6 am for #Agra. Remember, advance booking is must. So book well in advance. @holidayshoho

Would you also like to visit Mathura-Vrindavan?

Did you know there are some popular pilgrimage places in between your journey? Yes, now that makes the journey whole lot more interesting, isn’t it! Tweet: Did you know #Mathura #Vrindavan are some popular pilgrimage places in between your journey from #Delhi to #Agra @holidayshoho

Mathura, Vrindavan – are a popular holy destinations for Hindus as it happens to be the birth place of Lord Krishna. It has some fascinating temples, and people stop by here to see them and take ‘prasad’ home.

Mathura- Vrindavan
Train No
Bus Yes
Car Optional

Comfort Factor?

From the journey perspective, all three are comfortable. Here’s some reasons which might help you decide which one to choose.

Why choose Car? If you like pick and drop facility and do not want to bother yourself with reaching the Bus stop or the train station ( going from one platform to another with luggage.)

Note: if you are travelling with children or elderly. It makes sense to travel with car, also note that to see Taj Mahal you need to leave early morning. So pick and drop facility provide you with the much needed comfort for your family. Book your car tour here.

Why choose Train? For the simple reason these are AC Coaches and very comfortable. Needless to say they are fast and save your time too.

Why choose Bus?  In Delhi, there are comfortable Volvo AC Coaches available for same day agra tour departures. And, if you are staying in Central Delhi like Connaught Place, Karol Bagh or Paharganj  then, reaching pick up point is also not an issue.

So what do you think Car, Bus or Train?

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Author : Surojit Ghosh

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